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100 Pandas Slot

If you love Pandas, then 100 Panda Slot could be the game you’ve always been looking for. Set in a Chinese jungle, with the use of incredible graphics to help set the scene, 100 Pandas is a game for Panda lovers and gambling lovers alike.

Trying to create a game that’s true to life, 100 Pandas is set in a jungle; a panda’s natural habitat. The graphics of the game are of an exceptionally high quality, which makes the game feel that little bit more realistic and helps players to actually become absorbed in the setting of the game, creating a more enjoyable experience.

Because of the theme of the game, you won’t see the classic slot symbols on the reels. Instead, you’ll see traditional Chinese themed icons and characters, such as bamboo shoots (which are considered lucky in China), bamboo trees and, of course, pandas. The style of animation used for these characters and images has a novelty feel to it, almost child-like, which allows adult players to forget about their responsibilities and go back to a time when everything was more simple and more enjoyable- two adjectives which describe this game very well!

The video slot is a progressive one and has 100 different paylines (100 pandas…get it?) over 5 different reels. There is the chance to make some immense wins if you correctly take advantage of some of the bonus features available within the game, such as the free spin bonus rounds and the stacked wild symbols. The stacked wild symbols all add up, but you have to be quick to grab them, whereas the free spin bonus rounds are a little more obtainable.

A fast moving game, 100 Pandas Slot is ideal for anyone who wants to be able to gamble on the go without being too distracted from their surroundings. If you’re waiting for a mate at the pub, on the bus home from work or just trying to kill an extra five minutes of your day, this is the game for you.