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Apollo Rising Slot

With eight rows and 100 different paylines, there’s no denying that Apollo Rising is a jam packed slot machine game. Powered by gaming software providers IGT, the video slot is fully adaptable to desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets too.

In case the clue in the name hadn’t given it away, the slot is space themed which is quite unique and has given the manufacturers the opportunity to be pretty creative in terms of design and animation. The backing scene of the slot game is a dark starry night sky, while the traditional slot symbols have all been replaced with space themed imagery, such as rockets, stars, the moon and various other planets too. This is definitely a theme that isn’t overdone, and so it feels quite refreshing to play this game.

The graphics in the game have to be good for such a creative theme- and boy, oh boy are they good in Apollo Rising Slot! When it comes to a space theme, there is a lot of room to be adventurous in terms of animation and graphic design, and this is something that the manufacturers of the game have done well while managing not to go overboard with it.

Within the game, the amount of money you can play with is pretty versatile. Bets placed can be as low as £1 or as much as £1,000 per spin, which is quite a broad spectrum for players to choose a price from! There are also some great additional features within the game that can help you to win even more money, such as the ‘Rising Re-spins’ bonus feature. This feature involves the wild symbols expanding to take over the entire slot reel. Because of this expansion, lots of free spins are activated, which means individuals can try to rinse the slot for even more money. Most people find that the wins from Apollo Rising Slot are quite frequent, which is definitely a plus!

With its relatively unique theme, its ability to provide players with vast payouts and its simplicity, its no wonder that Apollo Rising Slot is one of the most popular slot games out there right now. If you haven’t downloaded it already, what are you waiting for?