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Balloonies Farm Slot Review

It’s interesting to think how many slots are out there, and how many people have to come up with new concepts. That’s why it’s important to follow slots “franchises” and see if the successors live Balloonies Farm Slots is the follow-up game to the hugely successful, and, quite frankly, awesome Balloonies.

So, what is the sequel like? Does it have the same level of impressive visuals? Well, yes actually. The game is more or less identical visually to it’s older sibling. The 3D images look great, and the spacious background draws the eye in. There’s never too much happening, so there’s no danger of you being put off or finding the whole thing a little overwhelming.

The floating reels were a big trademark of the original, and, three years after, IGT has sensibly decided to keep it. The balloon animals are now a little more themed as they have a farmyard theme. So you can expect to see cows, sheep, and pigs alongside the letters, making up the wonderfully enchanting reels of this game.

So far so good, but the game certainly seems to lack much of appeal and charm of its predecessor. Well, for a start, the game has changed from a low variance game to a medium variance one. This has significantly reduced your chances of big wins and made the game slightly less generous with its payouts. You will also find that the reels don’t quite provide as many wins as in Balloonies.

However, there are not all negatives, and there is one big feature of this game that we feel makes it better than the previous version. And that is that it allows you to choose from 4 different Free Spin scenarios. You can go risky and aim for glory and immortality, or you can choose to play it safe. You simply have to decide which you would rather do, and how much money is at stake.

The cool aspect of the bonus feature makes things a little bit more interesting and adds a fun dimension to the bonus game. It’s definitely worth checking this out and having a go with a few spins, but we certainly prefer the original game.