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Balloonies Slot Review

Sometimes the concept of certain slots can leave a lot to be desired, and this is one such example. Balloon animals are fair enough, at a child’s birthday party. But, kids aren’t going to be using online casinos and playing slots games for cash! So theming one like balloon animals seems a curious choice. Nevertheless, this is what IGT decided to do with their game Balloonies.

That’s not to say we are judging the game purely based on the concept, but it does play a big factor. Sure, it seemed good, and the game is plenty colourful, but we couldn’t quite get past that childlike concept. Saying that we have been made to eat our words somewhat because this is one of the best slots games we’ve ever come across.

The game ticks all the boxes you would expect as an adult gambling enthusiasts. It’s fun and entertaining and brings us more joy than any other slot we’ve tried out. Let’s first talk about how this slot looks compared with other games. Most slots fall into two categories when it comes to the graphics – they generally are either finely detailed and realistic, or they use bulkier graphics.

The difference with Balloonies is that the graphics transcend both of these ideas. They look almost like 3D shapes, with awesome symbols on a backing of clear blue sky, giving a feel of them floating. And, when you get a win, the symbols pop and are replaced, giving you another chance at winning again.

This game, like most slots, is all about multipliers and how well you use them. If you can pile on the multipliers, you’ll be in a much better position to start racking up the big wins. And, the good news is that Balloonies allows you to do this with aplomb, as you can hit the multipliers during Free Spins. They will really help make the bonus levels work for you.

The Free Spins are not that common, but, when you get them the sky’s limit in terms of what you can achieve. While the Free Spins are not the most generous in slots history, they are still very good, and certainly better than some out there.

Overall this is a slot we just can’t help but admire. In spite of our criticisms and scepticism, we were drawn in and women over by the quirky ingenuity, and the fun, rewarding game. We would definitely recommend this game for anyone with a love of slots who is looking to turn their passion into cash.