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Candy Bars Slot

Slot games are ten a penny these days, and it’s important that people understand this. That’s why you need to look for games that give you something more. We all crave excitement and adventure when we spin those shining reels, but they can be hard to get. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you pick the right sort of games to help keep you interested and occupied.

Candy Bars slot game was released in 2013 by IGT Slots. It became a favourite with gamers and still has a massive audience today. The reason for the success of the slot could be to do with the fact that the candy-theme links nicely with popular games like Candy Crush Saga.

How Does it Look?

Visuals play a big role in what makes a slot game attractive to audiences. Bright, vibrant colours and a cool, fruit machine-stable paytable makes this an obvious favourite for a lot of slot enthusiasts. There is, of course, a big emphasis on sweets and candy, as you would expect. Some of the other symbols on here include the classic fruit machine number 7, and some double candies. This is a fun, flashy, four-reel slot game that presents us with two of our favourite things – candy, and the chance to win money. With 50 paylines, and some wonderful graphics and music, this is most definitely a game you can enjoy time and time again.

What Are the Payouts Like?
So what are the payout like on this game? You’d think a game with 50 paylines would be a definite cash cow, but we didn’t find the payouts as frequent as we were thinking or hoping. It’s not that the payouts are bad, it’s more that they don’t happen that often, and you won’t always great high amounts. It might be an idea to try to stake higher value bets because this will increase your chances of winning and being successful. This is especially good because this is a progressive slot, and that means that if you can access the jackpot amount you have a chance at a major win!

Bonus Features

As for the bonus features, Candy Bars has the Gumball symbol as the Wild, and this will replace other symbols to help with building up winning combinations. You also need to look out for chocolate bars, because they will help work towards your progressive jackpots. The bonus features are not that great in this game, and there is no bonus stage and no free spins feature. But, the progressive nature of the game means it is still possible to pick up some big wins playing Candy Bars.