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Captain Quid’s Treasure Chest Slot

Let’s get one thing clear, pirates are cool! Who doesn’t love the swashbuckling adventures of pirates on the high seas? When you were younger, you probably read Treasure Island and watched Pirates of the Caribbean. These stories perfectly encapsulate the appeal and wonder of pirates and their search for buried treasure.

And, what better way to continue these legendary tales than to enjoy them through the medium of video slot gaming?! You can set sails for the greatest pirate adventure of all time – and join Captain Quid and co as they search for their long forgotten treasure.

How Does it Look?

The visual aesthetic of this game is incredibly important. If you are going to make a pirate-themed slot, you need to make sure it measures up in terms of visuals. It is important that you feel immersed and captivated by the visual side of the game, and that’s something that plays a big role in your enjoyment of the game. The game, as you might expect, takes place on a pirate ship. The graphics are rich in colour and detail, and the reel is full of cartoon symbols. Magical Vegas are the masterminds behind this game, and they have presented a great looking, simple, and effective game for people to enjoy.

What Are the Payouts Like?

Payouts are pretty much the main reason to play video slots, and that’s why we look at the frequency and potency of the payouts awarded. Captain Quid’s Treasure Quest allows you to choose the number of lines you wish to play from before you set off on your quest for glory. Of course, the more lines you play, the better your chances of winning big, but it will also cost you more money too. There are reasonably frequent payouts here that you can enjoy, but the big bucks aren’t going to happen without the bonus symbols being utilised, so make sure you keep an eye out for these.

Bonus Features

You need to make sure you make full use of the Free Spins function on this game. This is where you can really start to try and build up big wins and make some real money. If you get 3 of the Treasure Quest bonus symbols you’re going to build up the number of Free Spins you’ll then be able to use. This is important because it can really help you to increase the amount of money you can expect to make.